Reuse same private community chat

There is a way to avoid creating new community chats when they have the same members, like the same way is possible with conversation channels?

Hello @Referi , Let me pass this to our team and will stay in touch with you for updates.

Hi @Referi ! I’m Lindley, one of the product managers at Amity. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on your use case and what you’re trying to achieve? This will help us better understand your needs, and gives us more insight into the improvements we need to make or if there are existing features that can be utilized to meet your goals.

Sure, we want to be able to create “conversational” chats between 2 members having both functionalities:

  • Moderation tools
  • Reuse the channel if it has the same members

For context, our app allows users to talk each other like a normal chat app and we want to monitor the conversations to prevent inappropriate messages

Thanks for sharing @Referi ! Unfortunately our community channels doesn’t work in the same was as conversation channels (where the same channel is reused if it has the same members). I understand your use case, and will explore this further :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!