For Chat SDK of flutter how to send Audio or video message?

Thanks for our update and quick response.
I just wan tot know
will it effect app using from US region if over here Server Region: Singapore is settled up?
Please guide me on this as needed its more critical for me right now.

We recommend selecting the app region closest to your primary user base. For instance, if your target audience is in the US, choose the US region. Conversely, if your main users are in Singapore or Asia and the app region is set to the US, this might result in longer loading times.

Thanks a lot for quick response.

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Online/offline feature can not implemented in amity right now for the flutter app.
Is there any API or SDK functionality which can help for this?
Any help will be appreciated.

Hello @puja, for API, please refer to this section: Amity API

May I know what is the frequency for presence api?
Is there anything which automatically manages by SDK ?

Hello, if you’re utilizing the API, you may need to manage the frequency on your end. For further details on presence state, please refer to: Presence State | Amity Docs. Currently, it’s only available on iOS and Android SDKs.

When it will be available for flutter app or mobile apps(iOS, android) any approx timing?
So we can work further based on that.

It’s already available for iOS and Android.

For Flutter, as of now, there’s no established timeline for this. We’ll share it with our team for assessment, allowing them to gauge its practicality and potential placement within our roadmap.

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I have integrated amity chat in flutter. I just want to know like Is there any query available in to get last message sent on that channel while fetching channel list?

Also, Want to get metadata of user attached with channel.
Is there query available for that?

@puja Regarding your inquiries, I would like to inform you of the following:

  1. Unfortunately, the Message Preview feature you requested is not yet available for Flutter.
  2. You can use the “query channel member” which already includes metadata for the user. You can check the details at this link: Amity SDK - Query Members. However, we do not recommend this method if you have multiple channels because it may require multiple API calls, making it an ineffective approach for your needs. Could you please provide more details about your use case so we can recommend a more effective method for you?


Also can you let me know if channel read/unread feature is available in flutter or not?

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@puja Absolutely, we will ensure to keep you informed as soon as this feature becomes available. Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or require further assistance.

Hello @amitysupport

Can you let me know approx time line for read/unread and presence state management features will be available for flutter?

So that we can plan accordingly for further step of work.
Hope you understand and provide some path for further carry on.

Currently, we do not have a clear timeline. As soon as we know the specific timeframe for releasing this feature, we will inform you.

Hello, Currently I am using flutter sdk.

There is some issue with conversation chat. Let me explain scenario.

I have created a conversation chat with 3 userId’s. Now, all 3 users are member of that channel but that particular channel is showing into user by which channel is created. In other user’s it’s not showing up.

Let me give you live example so you can debug from your end.
Channel ID: “6623f237f1ff9c5f44f8ed78”
Created by: Userid → “661fbe67ac6c720362f6cf63”

Members: “6623f237f1ff9c3463f8ed74”, “661fa60d0cee719b7705890a”, “661fbe67ac6c720362f6cf63”

Now, If I try to fetch all channels in which I am member it’s not coming at all for other users
Can you please check this issue asap?

Let me know if you need any other thing.

Hello @puja, Let me check this with my team, and I’ll get back to you.

Hello @amitysupport

Thanks for the response. There is some issues with UserId’s
I debug from my end and found that som of userids is going wrong in request

For now, Above issue is resolved.

Can you let me know about channel update notifier for other user?

Let’s say user “John” has updated group name and “Jacob” & "Tom"are members of user.
How to update group name for “Jacob” & “Tom”?

Is there any notifier available?