For Chat SDK of flutter how to send Audio or video message?

same for Channel creation, Is there any notifier or stream controller available for other users?
How do they notified that they have added into a conversation until new channels fetched manually?

Hi there, are you referring to notifications related to events such as updating the channel name or when a channel is created?

Yes, There should be some type of notifier when user created/updated any channel

There is a direct push notification available for channel created: Push Notifications | Amity Docs

However, for channel updates, you might have to consider using our webhook events to implement push notification: Push Notifications | Amity Docs

List of webhooks: Amity API

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Hello @amitysupport
Is there any update for When Online/Offline and Read/Unread message features will be available in flutter SDK?
As per that we can check for further step of application functionalities.

@puja We would like to inform you that we have forwarded your suggestions to our Product team to prioritize and further develop our product. The team has estimated the timeline to be in Q3; however, we are unable to provide a specific time at this moment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Thanks for the update.
Hopefully we will be waiting for response and will get soon.


can we create platform channel in flutter respectively in iOS and Android to maintain user’s Presence?
Also can you let me know response of Presence?

Hello, are you looking to integrate the Presence using API into a Flutter app?

If so, you can find detailed instructions in this section: Link to API Documentation - Presence

To view the response, simply click on the endpoint you’re interested in and scroll down. You’ll find a sample response for that call.


I am looking for observer by SDK which gives presence status in response for flutter app.
As API calling is not the proper way to give real time user experience.

As previously informed, Presence State is not currently available on the Flutter SDK. However, if you’re considering transitioning to the iOS and Android SDKs, there shouldn’t be any issues with implementing this feature :slight_smile:

Docs: Presence State | Amity Docs


Is Amity SDK gives any call back for message receive like notification of message received for the flutter app?

Hey there, I’ve found two methods involving events that could notify users and might be suitable for your use case:

is there any way to get progress of image/video/file upload in chat?

@puja Regarding your inquiry, we recommend checking the following documentation links for detailed information:

  1. Uploading Videos
  2. Uploading Images
  3. Uploading Files

Not this one, I am asking about this image upload in chat.

Can I get any upload progress in chat?

Hello, the links provided earlier is for the process of uploading, and it’s also applicable for use in chats.

Kindly check and let us know if you have any questions, thank you.