Chat on iOS is full of bugs

So I’ve been trying to use Amity as a chat provider in a project for my client and after spending countless hours of fixing bugs in your SDK (user avatars don’t work if custom avatar urls are used, uploading images doesn’t work, unread counter didn’t work) I got to a point where it works so-so but is super glitchy and I’m really close to ditching Amity and starting looking for an alternative.

I recorded a video to make you aware of how bugged the chat functionality is (here’s the link to the video: Watch Screen Recording 2024-05-25 at 16.11.29 | Streamable):

  • after sending the first message it doesn’t even appear on the screen, the user needs to scroll down to see that the message got actually sent
  • user on the left is not notified that there’s a new message in the chat, only when second message is sent the unread counter is updated correctly and message preview is displayed
  • the scroll behaviour is super glitchy as you can see in the video
  • after opening the chat with 3 unread messages and popping back the messages are not marked as read on the left screen, opening the view for the second time fixes it. Sometimes opening the view for a few times doesn’t even help
  • popping back on the right screen causes the chat to display 3 unread messages even if they were sent from the same device

Are you aware of those issues? Are you planning of fixing them, if so then what’s the timeline?

@nadol Thank you for the video and for highlighting these issues. Could you please provide the version of the SDK you’re using? This will help us investigate and address the problems.

Thank you for your patience.

@amitysupport the video was recorded using your sample app: - Google Drive

in my code I’m using the latest open source version of amity uikit from this documentation: iOS UIKit Installation Guide | Amity Docs

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@nadol Thank you for the information you provided. We’ll pass this on for further checking and will get back to you if there are any updates.

@nadol To confirm, we would like to know if you have completed the migration according to the document provided here: SDK v6.26.0 Unread Count Migration Guide.

@amitysupport Yes, I’ve done it in my project. But I uploaded a video where I show you all of the bugs listed above using sample app you’ve shared with me so it doesn’t really matter. You can just run the sample app and reproduce all of these bugs

@nadol Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.

Issue #1: First message doesn’t appear until scrolling.

  • This issue is reproducible and reported to our product team.

Issue #2: Unread counter updates only after the second message. Issue #4: Unread messages not marked correctly after popping back. Issue #5: Chat displays unread messages incorrectly after popping back.

Issue #3: Scroll behavior is glitchy.

  • This issue has been noted and reported to our product team.

We recommend updating to UIKit version 4.0.0-beta11 to resolve the unread count issues. Our product team is investigating the remaining issues.

@nadol To address your issue, could you please provide the iOS version of the Simulator where you encountered the problem?

Thank you.

@nadol We have resolved the issue you reported. Could you please check again and confirm if everything is now working correctly?

Thank you for your cooperation.

@amitysupport sorry, I’ve missed your comment about iOS version. You mean that you fixed the scroll glitches? If so then what’s the SDK version I should use to verify that?

@nadol Please check the Version iOS Uikit Version 3.20.6

@amitysupport But few messages above you suggested me to use 4.0.0-beta11. Doest the 3.20.6 also contains the unread counter fixes? It’s confusing which version should be used

@nadol I apologize for the confusion. Please update to version 4.0.0-beta11. However, please note that in this version, the channel type will only include live.

@amitysupport I just downloaded the beta11 and used the SampleApp inside of it to test the unread count and it feels like it’s even worse. Scroll glitches are also not fixed (the first message still appears off screen). The unread count doesn’t update at all in chat list. Only when I enter the chat and then I pop back then it updates (but what’s the point of showing 3 unread messages when I just opened the chat and read those messages?)

I recorded a video, you can find the simulator versions on the recording (iOS 17.2).

Hello @nadol, let us double-check on this. Thank you for your patience :pray:

Hello @nadol, issues should be solved in this version: 4.0.0-beta12, kindly update and let us know if you still encounter the issues. Thank you.