Latest version of Xcode cant compile Amity SDK

Hi there. I have been trying to contact the dev team at Amity for a couple of weeks regarding an issue with the iOS SDK.

Since its a precompiled framework it needs to be recompiled to support the latest Swift/Xcode version. I have been waiting for a response on this issue for a couple of weeks but i guess you are not really working in GitHub that much so you might have missed it.

Hello, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our team potentially missing your messages. To better assist you, could you please provide us with information on your current iOS SDK version?

We want to be running the latest Xcode version 14.3 (14E222b) but we are unable to due to not being supported by the Amity SDK.
Currently we are on Xcode version 14.2 and there it all still works.

We understand your concern, and we would like to assist you in the best possible way. To better understand the issue, may I know which Amity SDK version you are currently using? We referred to the versions mentioned in the following documentation: iOS - Amity Docs. Thank you.

Its the latest version for SPM. link here.

The same issue happens if you run the Cocoapods/Carthage repos latest version found here

Noted, allow me to clarify. Based on the information you have provided, it seems that you are currently using version 6.6.0 of our SDK, running on Xcode 14.3 and utilizing SwiftPM :pray:

I will pass this information along to our team for further investigation and keep you updated on any progress. Thank you.

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Hello, we are currently working on this and aiming to release the new version of SDK, which will be compatible with Xcode 14.3, by the end d this month/early June.

Hi @lemonandlime ,

Thank you for your patience. This fix is now released, please freely retest.

Amity Support